Picturing Health

The purpose of Picturing Health was to start a conversation with everyone in Edinburgh about how we see the future of health and social care.

The project was part of a plan to create an agreement between the people of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Health and Social Partnership, called the ‘Edinburgh Pact’.


Health is a social issue that affects us all and the communities in which we live our daily lives. By taking a photo as part of this project we:

  • made our experiences visible

  • took part in a conversation

  • broadened our collective understanding

  • helped to create a vision of what health means to us - what needs to change, what we cherish and what we want to celebrate. 


The exhibition is a collective action that brings to life what otherwise might go unseen. We are freezing a moment in time and reflecting on the future. 

Together we can help to shape the system that we all rely on to live healthy lives on our own terms.


Photovoice was first used in 1996 by Caroline Wang and colleagues to explore reproductive health issues among Chinese village women. 

People take photographs that uncover what they think about a subject or issue affecting them and their community. By collecting photographs taken by a wide range of people, all exploring the same theme, you can record and reflect on what the community feels.

In this project, we used photography to explore health and wellbeing, what it means to us and how we experience it.

The photographs have the power to bring about change in the thinking of decision-makers and influence our health and social care system. Put simply - the photographs give people a voice, a chance to reflect on an issue and to creatively express this in a photograph.

By taking a photograph, you are:

  1. taking action

  2. telling a story

  3. helping people understand

Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership

Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership are made up of people employed by both the City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian who work in health centres, GP Practices, community hospitals, care homes, nursing homes and communities across the city. They also work with charities and organisations in Edinburgh that provide a wide range of support for adults across the city.

For many people in Edinburgh, the Partnership have been a shoulder to lean on during hard times, helped people to recover and get back on track and supported and cared for those most in need within our communities. Even if you haven’t come across them, there’s a good chance they may have supported your mum, dad, best friend or granny. 

It is likely that Edinburgh will continue to grow and a larger number of us will need support for complex needs. How health and social care is delivered has to evolve to find new ways to keep up with these changes and meet our needs. 

The Partnership is working out how it can deliver the best possible health and social care system in the future. This project is an opportunity to express what the people of Edinburgh want and need when it comes to our everyday health and wellbeing. 

Media Education

Media Education is a participatory media organisation based in Edinburgh.

We’ve been working with people across Scotland for over 30 years to make videos, photographs and podcasts that creatively explore issues that affect their lives.

We help people make stories in their own words that come from their lived experiences.
These stories help other people to walk in their shoes and see the world as they experience it.

They can raise awareness, inspire debate, change hearts and minds and influence social policy.